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Managing Holiday Lights and Decorations as an Arizona HOA

Our Owners (mostly) love a holiday. Owners around the country love to put up festive lights and decorations to celebrate. The news loves digging into stories of holiday-related enforcement. Holiday decorations are a tricky issue for HOAs that want to put certain restrictions on seasonal decorations and light displays.  At the end of this article, you will have a better understanding how your HOAs can clearly adopt and communicate appropriate guidelines for holiday lighting and decorations.  Everyone wants to celebrate a joyous holiday season and some simple planning will help any Arizona HOA accomplish this with reasonable expectations for the community.

Can Arizona HOAs Restrict Holiday Lights and Decorations?

Some CC&Rs will include specific requirements for decorations.  Most CC&Rs will authorize the Board to adopt reasonable decoration guidelines at their discretion.  If your CC&Rs permit that amount of discretion, your HOA can regulate almost every reasonable aspect of decorations down to when you can and can’t have your lights on!

Curious as to if a restriction is reasonable? Check with association general counsel!

Looking for Association General Counsel in Arizona?

The Brown Law Group only represents Arizona associations and planned communities.  Our attorneys specialize in HOA governance, covenant enforcement and assessment collections.  We can assist any Arizona HOA with all the things involved in crafting, communicating and enforcing HOA restrictions on holiday lights and decorations.  Our law firm can make sure the process is handled correctly and efficiently so your Association can enjoy a festive holiday season without worrying about how to enforce your holiday rules and regulations.  Contact us today at 602-952-6925 to schedule an initial consultation with our HOA attorneys or make an appointment on our contact us page.

Managing Member Requests for Changes to Holiday Light Restrictions

If your association can adopt and revise decoration guidelines, you have likely seen members requesting modifications and changes to accommodate their holiday spirit. We expect that the holidays will continue to proliferate and that decorations will become more intricate with tech savvy owners that enlist the aid of drones, lasers, and inflatable tube men. Some owners will remain staunch traditionalists that stick with tried and true analog decorations.

What is your community’s aesthetic guideline? Is it summarized and accessible for your members? Is it time to proactively survey your members with an eye towards updating your decoration guidelines? There is no better time than the present to get a consensus among your members and address it at the next board meeting.  Nor is there a better time to summarize your holiday light and decoration rules and regulations to send to all members as a reminder.

The Brown Law Group only represents Arizona associations and planned communities. We can handle general counsel needs, covenants enforcement, assessment collections, litigation and more.

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