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Contingent Fee Retainer

Our firm offers a contingent fee retainer where we collect assessments for no charge to your Association, except for foreclosures in “insufficient equity” cases as discussed below.

At The Brown Law Group, we believe delinquent homeowners should pay for the attorney fees and court costs for their failure to pay contractually obligated assessments, not your association.

When a homeowner fails to respond to your management company or association’s letters and certified mail noticing them about your intent to send them to collections, we’re ready to take legal action.

The Brown Law Group will send a preliminary demand letter. If the owners do not pay, we record a Lien for Assessments against the delinquent owners’ property. If the owners still do not pay, we will obtain a judgment against the owners and collect on the judgment through garnishment. If foreclosure is necessary, we will file the foreclosure at no cost to the Association if the home has sufficient equity (approximately 25% depending on the home). If there is insufficient equity in the home, we will foreclose for a $1,000 flat fee. There will not be any surprises when you get your bill from various hourly charges.

The Brown Law Group will incur a minimum of $750.00 to prosecute a case to judgment. Collecting a judgment costs a minimum of $500.00. It is realistic to assume that the attorney fees, court costs and collection expenses to collect a judgment will exceed $2,000. The lien foreclosure process results in charges that often exceed $3,000.00. At The Brown Law Group, your Association does not pay for any of these services, except in foreclosure cases with limited equity discussed above. All our collection fees and costs are charged to the delinquent owners and collected from the delinquent owners, not your association.

If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid. At BLG, we’re focused on results, not billable hours

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Innovative Fee Structures

Our unique flat rate monthly fees provide predictability and certainty to Associations. Our goal of $50 per month client fees make legal costs consistent and cost-effective.

Assigned Team for All Legal Needs

Every Association we take on as a client is assigned a dedicated attorney and collector. Our team will understand all your Association’s legal needs.

Full Range of Association Legal Services

From covenant enforcement to construction defects to inter-association conflicts, The Brown Law Group provides the full range of legal services to our clients.

First in Assessment Collections

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