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General Association Governance

Representing Planned Communities and Condominiums

General Association Governance

To help our community association clients better budget for legal expenses, BLG offers most legal services bundled together for a fixed monthly amount. In our experience, not having to worry about being charged for every telephone call or email encourages community association clients to contact us regularly. We prefer our clients to contact us since involving the attorney early on in the process while the process is manageable helps prevent big ugly unmanageable problems down the road. Frankly its less work for manager, the Board, and most the firm in the long run to get us involved early on.

For this reason, BLG was the first in the state to develop the Legal Retainer Plan (”$50 Plan”) to enhance our communications with clients and help manage the legal issues of the association.

The Brown Law Group Difference

For $50 per month, the plan offers an Association:

  • Unlimited telephone time and emails between any member of our firm and one representative of the BOD and the association manager regarding general operating procedures
  • One meeting each year with the BOD
  • Monthly BOD meetings by telephone
  • Our services as Statutory Agent for the association
    Assistance with filing of the corporate annual reports
  • An annual summary of relevant legislation and case law
  • Review of month Board meeting minutes
  • Review of the management agreement before renewal, and a verbal report to the designated association representative

    Other services outside the scope of the items listed above are provided at a flat fee or at competitive hourly rates. (See Covenant Enforcement for example) Our rates vary, depending on the experience and expertise of the person rendering the service. The Firm will use legal assistants, paralegals and support staff on legal matters where appropriate. We pride ourselves on providing timely, efficient and cost effective service. Staffing decisions are made with these objectives in mind.

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”


Innovative Fee Structures

Our unique flat rate monthly fees provide predictability and certainty to Associations. Our goal of $50 per month client fees make legal costs consistent and cost-effective.

Assigned Team for All Legal Needs

Every Association we take on as a client is assigned a dedicated attorney and collector. Our team will understand all your Association’s legal needs.

Full Range of Association Legal Services

From covenant enforcement to construction defects to inter-association conflicts, The Brown Law Group provides the full range of legal services to our clients.

Assisting Planned Communities, Associations and Condominiums with all Legal Needs

Focused on solving problems for your association, not billing hours.  Contact us to find out how we can assist your planned community or condominium.