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The Brown Law Group releases our annual legislative update and other informative posts to share insights into the current state of legal issues for planned communities and condominiums.

2021 Arizona HOA Legislative Update

The COVID-19 pandemic shuttered the 2020 legislative session.  While there were several bills introduced in 2020 that would have impacted community associations, the legislature adjourned

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2019 Legislative Update

2019 Legislative Update All new legislation here will be in effect on August 27, 2019, unless specifically stated otherwise below Senate Bill 1531:  Amends section 33-1256 of

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2018 Legislative Update

2018 Legislative Update All new legislation effective as of August 3, 2018 House Bill 2262: Amends sections 33-1228 of the Condominium Act. Condominium Termination In the event

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2016 Legislative Update

2016 Legislative Update All new legislation here will be in effect on August 6, 2016 House Bill 2172: Adds section 33-1817 (3) to the Planned Community Act. Does not apply to condominiums.  Architectural Review Standard

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2017 Legislative Update

2017 Legislative Update All new legislation here will be in effect on August 8, 2017 House Bill 2411: Amends A.R.S. §33–440. Amends sections 33–1804, 33–1806, and 33 1812 of the Planned Community Act. Amends

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2015 Legislative Update

2015 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE SENATE BILL 1091: Amends section 33-1813 of the Planned Community Act and section 33-1243 of the Condominium Act. Procedure for Removal of

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