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Halk, Oetinger, and Brown represents hundreds of planned communities, associations and condominiums in Arizona. Here’s what makes our HOA law firm different for your Tucson community:


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At Halk, Oetinger, and Brown, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted understanding of Tucson and its neighboring communities. Our team is uniquely equipped to navigate the distinct challenges faced by associations in this vibrant region.

Dedicated HOA Team

Each association that partners with us gains the advantage of a dedicated attorney and collection specialist. This dedicated team is tailored to fully comprehend and cater to the needs of the board of directors and community.

Association Legal Services

Covering everything from enforcing covenants to overseeing general governance and resolving conflicts between associations, Halk, Oetinger, and Brown offers a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our Firm is Here to Help

At Halk, Oetinger, and Brown, our proficiency goes beyond skillful dues management. We position ourselves as a comprehensive legal advocate for homeowners associations, planned communities, and condominium associations. Imagine the advantage of a legal team with a cumulative experience of over 30 years in general counsel services for your association, all offered at a transparent, FLAT RATE of $50 per month. This rate facilitates consistent budgeting, covering all aspects of collection and legal advisement.

Our expertise in assessment collection is merely the tip of the iceberg. We provide a wide array of services specifically designed for planned communities and condominiums, including advanced collection methods and a full spectrum of general counsel services. As your dedicated legal advisors, our commitment is to guide your association towards its objectives with assured success.

Halk, Oetinger, and Brown delivers reliable legal services to homeowners associations, planned communities, and condominiums in the Tucson valley

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Why Choose Halk, Oetinger, and Brown

At the vanguard of serving Arizona’s planned communities and condominiums, Halk, Oetinger, and Brown shines with its innovative fee structure. Our strategy focuses on finding solutions rather than counting hours, leading to more streamlined and successful results. Each client benefits from the assignment of a dedicated attorney and collector, ensuring bespoke and all-encompassing legal support designed for the unique requirements of community associations.

Detailed Status Reports

We are committed to transparent and clear communication regarding collections. Every month, your property manager receives comprehensive status updates directly from us. These updates equip them with the most recent collection information, perfect for discussion at community board meetings. Our reports are thoughtfully designed to blend effortlessly into your Board packets, fostering unified understanding and collaboration.

Simple Fee Structures

Explore our groundbreaking flat monthly fee structure, offering unlimited legal counsel. Our clients enjoy premier service that sets the industry standard while honoring their financial plans. We're dedicated to merging outstanding quality with cost-effectiveness.

Community Association Services

Our team of HOA lawyers goes beyond mere proficiency – they're experts in their field. Every lawyer hones in on specific sectors, guaranteeing that our Association clients receive the most knowledgeable responses. Whether it's crafting and critiquing designs, enforcing covenants, steering through liability issues, or demystifying bankruptcy, our breadth of expertise matches the variety of challenges your association encounters.

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