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2016 Legislative Update

  2016 Legislative Update   All new legislation here will be in effect on August 6, 2016       House Bill 2172:  Adds section 33-1817(3) to the Planned Community Act. Does not apply to condominiums.   Architectural Review Standard   1.         An association shall not unreasonably withhold the approval of an owner’s construction project’s […]

2015 Legislative Update

2015 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE SENATE BILL 1091: Amends section 33-1813 of the Planned Community Act and section 33-1243 of the Condominium Act. Procedure for Removal of Director 1. Will be effective on December 31, 2015. Members may petition to call a Special Meeting of the Members to vote on the removal of one or more Directors. […]

2014 Legislative Update

Keep up to date on the 2014 Legislative Updates with HOA attorney Phil Brown. View the recorded webinar and detailed notes detailing the legislative changes. 2014_Legislative_Updates Join us for a free webinar Join us as we discuses the basics of enforcing CC & Rs. 2014 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE EFFECTIVE AS OF July 24, 2014 SENATE BILL […]

Pets and Support Animals in HOA’s

Animals are a significant part of any community, whether that community is made up of several acre lots that allow livestock, or a high rise condominium that does not allow any pets.  The governing documents of many associations impose restrictions on what kinds of pets and animals a homeowner may keep. These restrictions are often […]

Most Of The New Legislation Is Void And Unenforceable

A court will be ordering that most of the new legislation in SB 1454 void and unenforceable. The only part that remains is the portion concerning political signs in condos. The laws regarding rental registration, voting by email, management company representation in small claims court and prohibiting enforcement by the HOA public streets will not […]

2013 Legislative Update

Will become effective on September 13, 2013 Senate Bill 1454: An Omnibus Bill that changes several provisions of the Planned Community Act, the Condominium Act, and several other statutes that affect community associations. We are addressing them in order of importance to our existing clients: → Click for PDF Voting by Email and Facsimile Delivery […]